Boston: Monday, Harvard, and Cheers

So clearly, after Sunday’s excitement, we needed to sleep in. We got a lazy start to our day on Monday, and sometime late morning, we walked through the Common (where a 10K was starting later in the day, so it was bustling with activity) down to Newbury Street (which I can only compare to a really upscale Michigan Ave), where we spent some time window-shopping. Then, it was time for an early lunch at Stephanie’s on Newbury, recommended to us by 2 friends!

It was delicious, and can I just say how delightful it is to sit and have a leisurely lunch on a patio, where there’s great people-watching to be done? My only complaint is that unfortunately, it became abundantly clear to me that the city of Boston has mad love for the F word. As I mentioned, we heard a LOT of it at Fenway. But for the rest of the trip, I was just surprised that no matter where we were, people felt very comfortable loudly throwing it around.

Let me say – I am no stranger to coarse language. Mine is saltier than it should be. But not that. And not out loud in public. Back to my story.

Great service, excellent food (picture below of the amazing salad I had), and all-around lovely minus me having to give the sailor (not really – he looked like he’d just stepped out of J Crew) sitting behind me a dirty look for having such loud, foul language in public.

After lunch we continued down Newbury, and we decided that this was a good time to go explore Harvard and Cambridge. Matt convinced me that walking there was a good idea, and said that it would take a while but didn’t get more specific than that. I trusted him, despite having sore legs and feet from the prior day’s 10 miles, and we started walking. And it was mostly a really beautiful walk. But about 1.5 miles in, I asked if we were getting close. He said “yeah” but what he really meant was that we had another mile to go. By this point, we were both worn out and happily plopped down on some chairs in Harvard Yard to chill out and just take in that we were hanging out at Harvard.

Now, being responsible adults who always make good choices, we decided that for lunch, we’d eat Insomnia Cookies. I heartily endorse this as a great alternative to salads and sandwiches at lunchtime. At least while you’re on vacation.

We navigated the T (subway) back to our neighborhood, and promptly walked to Cheers for a beer. It was early but again – vacation. And we just couldn’t go to Boston without stopping in at the original Cheers. It was fun to see the bar that inspired the show and then sit at the bar that was made up like the set (I’d have preferred to sit at the original, but it was full).

We headed back to the apartment to get ready for dinner, and walked to the North End to eat at Giacomo’s. So keep in mind this is a Monday night at 7:20 when we got in line…we got seated at 8:45. The restaurant, like so many Boston establishments, is tiny. I counted and Giacomo’s seats a squished 40 people. It’s loud, the menu is on the wall, the waiters and cooks kinda yell at each other, and the food is delicious – we loved it all!

The Cardinals were playing, and wanting to watch the end of the game, we headed to a sports bar that was kind of new, and honestly, a total dud. Probably the only place we went in Boston that we didn’t like. And the Cards lost, so that stunk.

Normally, I wouldn’t include the information that we walked back to the apartment, but something that totally freaked me out happened on the way home, so it needs to be noted. It was probably 11:30, very chilly, and we were walking fast. About 2 blocks from our apartment, this completely hunchbacked man steps out of the entryway of an apartment about 20 feet in front of us. He came out of nowhere, which would’ve been enough to spook me anyway, but I turned back to look at him as we passed (Matt had pulled me out onto the street so that we could keep going quickly around him) and oh my gosh…I’m not kidding. The scariest human face I’ve ever seen…he seriously looked dead. It was all I could do to stifle a scream (Matt didn’t see his face) and practically run the rest of the way to our place. I know Matt thought I was being dramatic, but I can still see his face in my head and it freaks me out.

Thankfully, I slept without nightmares that night. Because one of my most favorite days was yet to come.

4 responses to “Boston: Monday, Harvard, and Cheers

  1. I’m so loving this trip!

  2. cute dress!

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