Boston: Tuesday and Cape Cod

aka Nicole gets to see the ocean again.

Somewhere in the last year or so, I’ve developed this love affair with being at the ocean…maybe it’s just that we went this summer and had such a great time, and I knew at that time that Matt and I would be in Boston later in the year. Maybe it’s me realizing how peaceful and relaxed and 10-years-younger I feel there, and desperately wanting to get that back. Who knows. All I know now is that Matt understands how much I love the ocean, and he knows that getting me back there is important:).

Tuesday morning, we woke early, ate a breakfast of champions (round 2 of Mike’s Pastry cannoli substituting for a meal, FTW), and walked the half mile to our rental car place. Before long, we were navigating the streets of Boston by car for the first time, and out on the interstate within minutes.

First stop: Plymouth. This wasn’t a destination on its own for us, but since we were practically driving right past, we felt like we should stop. We did a quick (like 45-minute) walk around the area to see a few sights, had lunch at the Blue-Eyed Crab, and went on our way.

I have to admit: the drive on Hwy 6, until we actually got the ocean, was less impressive than I thought it would be. I was expecting the entire Cape to be full of pretty houses and a scenic drive and well, it’s not (I should say: we didn’t have time to venture south of 6 to Hyannis, which is likely lovely).

BUT. We did finally make it to the ocean at Wellfleet, to the beautiful Newcomb Hollow Beach, a part of the Cape Cod National Sea Shore. And I got to breathe in salty ocean air, and walk in the sand and the water, which was really, really cold. And I loved it.

We drove north expecting to go to Great Hollow Beach, but it was closed. Thanks, government. You’re the best. We were able to park somewhat nearby and walk that beach, too, so I got a little more ocean time.

We finished our trip to the Cape by driving all the way to the tip at Provincetown, the original landing spot for the Pilgrims and current gay vacation mecca (which we knew, of course – and we were not the only straight people there, for the record). We drove and walked around Ptown for a bit, had a snack, and then decided we needed to head back to the city, because we had a 2+ hr drive, and we wanted to eat dinner back in Boston.


We formulated a great plan for the evening…we were exhausted and didn’t much feel like going somewhere for dinner, so we did carryout from a place called Figs, which ended up being my favorite dinner the whole trip.

One more day to go!


3 responses to “Boston: Tuesday and Cape Cod

  1. This would have been a favorite day for me! I, too, love the ocean (actually, a large lake will do, thank you, but the ocean is magic to me). And I’d prefer sunny & 75!! 🙂 Followed by Figs would be nice too!

  2. The ocean…sigh… There’s nothing like it. I’ve taken the best proxy vacation EVER thanks to this series! And pizza on the floor? So romantical. ❤ Shrimp on pizza? Not so romantical. 😉

  3. I felt odd going to Provincetown when we went, but it was a cute little town to see. We love the Cape Cod area!

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