Boston: Last Day of Vacation :(

Before the memories get too distant, I need to finish up this vacation series!

We had one last day in Boston with no really specific plans, except to do a little shopping, more walking, and more eating.

Since there weren’t any cannoli left for breakfast (sad face), we headed out for real breakfast food at a little diner-like place in Beacon Hill called Paramount. Cute, tiny and good (though, we have to admit – our fave was Panificio just down the block). From here we walked down toward the Harbor, accidentally happening upon the bustling Chinatown section of the city, which was fun.

When we got to the Harbor, Matt decided to read about the Boston Tea Party on Wikipedia, so that’s how we filled in some details of that historic event. I’m sure the museum there is fascinating, but we weren’t interested in paying $50 to get in, so we settled for the probably-true information we found on the internet.

We spent the rest of our day shopping at Quincy Market, eating lunch there, and then doing some more shopping downtown and along Boylston until we were too tired to walk anymore. We dropped our stuff off at our little Nest, and headed back to the very first bar we went to, this time to have dinner and drinks while watching the Cardinals (we loved Battery Park, btw!).

Since our flight left at 7am, we decided making it an early night was the best call, and headed back to the apartment to arrange for our early-morning cab, pack up, and get ready to reenter reality the next day.

We got up at 4am (OUCH), ate cold leftover Figs pizza for breakfast like teenagers, and hopped in a cab at 4:45 to get to the airport. Smooth flight, back in STL by 10am, with a few hours to spare before we picked the boys up at 2:30. We got such a great reception from them – huge happy hugs in the entryway of the school.

Also – a huge, HUGE thanks to my sister Hayley for keeping the boys over the weekend and Matt’s mom and dad for coming to stay with them during the week. Obviously, we couldn’t have done this without them! And thanks to our kids for not being rotten while we were gone, which I hope means we can do this again.

And I’ll wrap it up with this: this was the longest we’ve ever been away from the boys. They’re old enough that I didn’t worry about it at all, which was great. But even if your kids are young, and you can only get away for a night or 2, do it. It’s good for you.


Thanks for bearing with me while I recapped all this!

3 responses to “Boston: Last Day of Vacation :(

  1. What a fantastic way to end. I really loved this. A LOT. You’re a great storyteller.

  2. And a good time was had by all . . . in Boston & in Ballwin! It’s been fun reading the installments & catching lots of details we didn’t get when you recapped for us the day you got home. 🙂

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