A Side We’ve Never Seen Before

I’m not always as good about documenting things that happen in our family as I used to be. How can that be? How can I be busier now than at this blog’s inception, when the boys were not-quite-5, 2 1/2, and a newborn?

Anyway, it feels appropriate to document what’s going on with Bennett right now.

If you’ve read here for a long time, you probably remember that Bennett repeatedly had croup from toddlerhood on. For most kids, croup ends by about age 6; not so for B. He will predictably get a croupy-sounding cough whenever he gets a cold or some other virus. Over the past couple of winters, he’s the only one of the 3 to get bronchitis several times.

So when a cough that lingered for a few weeks (that I attributed to fall allergies) turned really bad-sounding a couple of nights ago, I decided he needed to see his pediatrician for what was likely bronchitis again, but I also wanted to talk about what might be causing this to be a recurring issue for him.

Our doctor, whom I love, agreed that his history points towards him having asthma and/or allergies as the underlying cause of his plethora of coughing illnesses. For this round, he prescribed Zithromax and for the first time, Albuterol.

And can I just say, for the record, in case I someday forget: Bennett is really, really special on Albuterol, we’ve come to find out. I mentioned on Facebook that he was born wired, and this medicine has him really amped up, so you can only imagine what he’s like.

I made an appointment today for him to see an allergist next week, so we’ll get some idea at that point what we’re really dealing with.

In the meantime, however, we’re living with Bennett on speed.

Case in point: today, I sent the boys out to rake leaves after school for a while, so they could make a huge pile to jump in. Plus, Bennett was bouncing off the walls quite literally, so it seemed a good idea.

I finished kitchen cleanup and got ready to go outside…probably 15 minutes after I’d sent them out. In that time, Luke and Bennett had filled an entire bag of leaves (packed in there really tight like Matt does it!) from a pile they’d raked last week. And, they all started making new piles. Bennett’s was EASILY twice as big as the other two boys’, and the area around where he raked was perfectly clean.

I’m not kidding; Albuterol has made him a machine. We just need to constantly direct the energy, I think.

Here are a few pictures to remember this day by…

4 responses to “A Side We’ve Never Seen Before

  1. Albuterol made ME nuts the one time I tried a breathing treatment. Blake gets a cough with every cold, and we go straight to the nebulizer. I don’t know how he can stand it, but it works.

  2. Somehow little boys and leaves are an amazing combination. And yet, mine never seem to finish the job! Cute pics lady. Hope the allergist appointment goes well.

  3. These pics are just great!! Just love how you caught them mid-leap!! I can’t believe I’ve never graduated to a good camera like yours & Eric’s, but I just hate to give up using a little one! Plus I’d feel compelled to actually learn how to use some features (nevermind that the pics would surely be way better than the ones I now take).

    Sure hope the allergist has some answers next week. The whole issue is just UGH. But the Albuterol comments are hilarioius–I can just picture/hear Bennett as a little engine gone crazy!

  4. I can so relate, but it happened two years ago at age two. Our allergist appointment discovered he has an outdoor mold allergy that begins at the spring thaw and increases to its peak in Oct (or first freeze). Jumping in leaves is what hospitalized him and lead to this discovery…..sorry. Now he takes child Zyrtec daily and is fine, no more coughing wheezing or nebulizer aka speed. Keep us updated and best wishes to your guy!

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