Hodge Podge, Which is a Good Description of My Life Right Now.

In an attempt to not write a post that is all over the place, I’m making a list. Because lists make me happy, and they make me feel like there’s some semblance of order in my life even when there’s really not.

1. Last weekend was my fantastic annual Chicago getaway with my girlfriends. I love it more every year!

2. I came home to the realization that Thanksgiving is in less than THREE WEEKS (now, only two weeks!). How in the world did that happen? I’m hosting a rather sizable dinner party here. Lots to do. And I love it.

3. Bennett is on the mend from his bronchitis, and we spent Tuesday morning at the allergist. We did basic allergy testing, and the results were not surprising: he’s allergic to 2 tree pollens (spring allergies), thistle (fall allergy), and the dreaded dust mites. He was a champ through the uncomfortableness of the testing, and we went out for lunch before going back to school. I love one-on-one time with my boys, even if it is post-doctor’s appointment.


a couple of reaction spots under the layer of hydrocortisone cream the nurse smeared on at the end


lunch date with my boy

3a. Cleaning just got serious up in here. In the past 24 hours, in addition to the regular laundry that needed to be done, I’ve washed SEVEN loads of extra laundry: all of the boys’ sheets, stuffed animals, blankets, comforters, mattress pads, you name it. I’d literally never washed their comforters, since they rarely sleep with them. Therefore, Bennett was literally sleeping in an ocean of what he’s most allergic to. Mom of the year.

3b. His asthma is intermittent, and will take some trial-and-error treatment and treating him during a coughing onset to see what is going to work for him.

4. I am big-time busy with Advent Calendars right now! Want a chance to win one? Head on over to Jamie’s awesome blog, Dreaming Big Dreams, where she’s hosting a giveaway for one! You should bookmark her blog while you’re at it…she has tons of great giveaways going on for the holidays (all of them either small businesses or companies that support charities or both), and she also writes about her amazing family between giveaway posts and during the rest of the year!

5. My gifts-to-buy list is growing, and I’m knocking out my shopping online right and left! [Using Ebates, of course, if the purchases are from big stores and making money while I shop!] I love when the packages arrive at my doorstep. Any earth-shattering suggestions for boys ages 6, 8 and 10? And I always love hearing about your favorite small businesses…I’m spending a lot of time on etsy, too!

6. I know everyone’s doing thankfulness posts on Facebook every day and I’m not participating, but I am so thankful for the boys’ teachers. I had conferences with all three of them last night, and they are just amazing.

7. Today is day 301 of my diet (thanks to My Fitness Pal for keeping track!). I am so close to my goal…planning an update post soon. If you’re looking for weight-loss inspiration be sure to follow my sister’s Facebook page, called Let’s Do This-Weight Loss! Now, off to run in the cold. Correction: my long running pants are in the dirty laundry. Time to be mad at Jillian Michaels for 30 minutes.

Have a great weekend!

12 responses to “Hodge Podge, Which is a Good Description of My Life Right Now.

  1. Thanks for the shout out!! I still need to decide what I’m bringing to Thanksgiving dinner.

  2. So fun! I’m so excited about sharing your calendars with everyone because I love them and also can’t wait to use it for my family this year! Thanks so much!

  3. I’m starting to get nervous about T’giving & Christmas . . . need to calm myself down . . . breathe . . . I went shopping w/ Deb & Brenda yest, and while I had no real shopping goals (just a couple things to look for that had nothing to do w/ the holidays & no big deal if I couldn’t find), Brenda was a HOUSE ‘a FIRE on Christmas shopping–and that pushed my panic button a little bit! I HATE feeling this way 2 full weeks before Thanksgiving!!!

  4. 3a) You are a good mom. 🙂

    7) I thought you had already reached your goal a while back?

  5. Will be thinking of all the Schocks at Thanksgiving! We hated to cut it short at Jo & Ron’s Labor Day Weekend…the boys so rarely get sick it was indeed strange. We are hosting Tom’s family this year so lots of prep & planning here as well! Enjoy your festivities! 🙂

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