“A Riddle, Wrapped in a Mystery, Inside an Enigma…

…but perhaps, there is a key.”

That was originally spoken by Winston Churchill re: World War 2 Russia (thanks, internets, for educating me on that), but I’m referring to Bennett in the title.

Dramatic much? Perhaps.

bennett laughing autumn pics

i adore this picture of him.

Monday morning: I woke him for school. You know the drill, parents of difficult-to-wake children: draaaggg him out of bed, coax him with “how about I get your clothes out for you…see? They’re right here. Ready to go.”, etc.

He got up. Looked at the clothes I’d pulled out. Put away the jeans, looked for a pair of athletic pants (seriously, child, I get it). However, there were none to be found. Monday = laundry day around here, so Monday morning is not the best time to go looking for clean clothes.

You would’ve thought the world was ending. HE HAS PE TODAY! HE CANNOT POSSIBLY WEAR JEANS! Drama, stomping, the whole nine.

Me: “there are 2 solutions to the problem for the future: a) you start doing the laundry yourself or b) you plan better for PE days if athletic pants are so vital to your happiness and existence. Today, however, it’s jeans.”

(Yes, I could’ve let him wear dirty athletic pants to school…however, at this point, it was the principle of the matter and I was not going to lose to a surly 8-year-old who apparently thinks that acting rude will get him clean pants.)

I joked that he was being a South Pole Elf and gladly watched him leave for school that morning.

Today, this same child woke up on his own right on time, and he was an absolute delight to be around from the second I saw him. I was in his room helping Jack Henry move along (seriously…that kid is SLOW in the mornings…a cattle prod would be helpful), and Bennett said to me, “Mom, I think this shirt is too small.” I looked closer, and while it wasn’t ridiculous, the sleeves were a little above his wrists, and the hem even looked a tad short. Knowing that he likes his shirt sleeves a little longer, I told him I’d take that one to the basement for Jack Henry’s grow-into box.

The next shirt was the same story. Too short.

So I sent him over to the wall in his room where there’s a growth chart (thanks, Cardinals, for the life-size Matt Holliday poster), and he’d grown a half-inch since he last measured. He measures himself all the time (Luke will go in and verify it for him), so he thinks that it was about 4 days ago.

He complained of leg pain on Friday night, with no idea why his legs might be sore. (He was sick on Saturday morning with a stomach virus, but that is unrelated:) ) He was an absolute bear of a child on Monday…could he have literally gone through a growth spurt in a couple of days’ time?

Is this the key of which Churchill spoke?

Who knows. But that’s what I’m going with.

One response to ““A Riddle, Wrapped in a Mystery, Inside an Enigma…

  1. Funny, Katie (my Bennett like Child) did the same a few weeks ago – complaints of leg pains for a couple days – horrible behavior and BAM the next week i am online at landsend.com ordering her new uniform pants because suddenly her current ones could not be buttoned anymore and looked like she was ready for a flood to strike at any minute! It’s crazy how fast they can sprout up!

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