Pretending Like This Isn’t Happening.

Bennett threw up on Saturday morning. When we made it to Tuesday morning with no one else getting sick, I’ll admit: I thought it was over.

I fully realize now that was a bit presumptuous of me.

For tonight at dinner, Jack Henry threw up right in his dinner plate. (Mark that down as a first, I’m pretty sure.) This is something I will not soon forget, nor do I think I will be able to eat the meal I was serving tonight again for a long time.

I felt so bad for him…they’re just so sad and scared and grossed out when they’re this young.

Not kidding, though, and this is a true testament to what is important to him, 5 minutes after barfing he asked, “can I still have dessert tonight?”

he's just so cute and lovable.

he’s just so cute and lovable.

Yeah. That’s a no.

Now that he’s sleeping comfortably, I’m going to do what I do best in these situations: pour a glass of wine, sit in front of the fire with the laptop and daydream on about where we might vacation next summer. This seems a totally reasonable response to me.

One response to “Pretending Like This Isn’t Happening.

  1. Must say I never had a puke-in-the-plate incident when the kids were little! I can only IMAGINE the other boys’ reactions!! Poor JH. 😦 I, too, thought no news was good news when no one else had gotten sick. I’ll say a prayer that he’s much better tomorrow & this was just flukey!

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