Some Snow Day Thoughts.

So here we are. Snow day #3, coming immediately after the longest Christmas break my kids have ever have. This is day 19 of break. Day 19, people.

I am (dramatically) hanging on by a thread.

Don’t misunderstand me…I love my children so very much. And we have had some really great times over break. For instance, I LOVED that they were off school starting December 21; it gave us several days of relaxing togetherness as we anticipated Christmas. Our time between Christmas and New Year’s Day was fantastic…Matt was off work most of this time, and it was fun. And, also, filled with work, as we rebuilt a closet (pictures coming soon!), but it was good.

Then, last Sunday came, and the snow came in record amounts, and the temperatures fell to record lows, and the wind blew and there was no school.

And then there was no school again. And again.

It’s not them being home that I don’t like…it’s that no one has a routine. That’s fine when it’s the holidays, but the holidays are long over. When we have summer break, we start a new routine immediately (yes, it takes a few days to establish, but at least everyone knows what it is)…right now, we’re in this holding pattern, waiting for our routine to return.

It’s not just me; the boys WANT to go back to school. Jack Henry nearly cried upon hearing the news of snow day #2.

They’ve been outside in doses they can tolerate (and their awesome dad took them sledding during the snowstorm for an hour on Sunday!). They’ve played the iPad in amounts I never could’ve predicted that I’d allow, we’ve played games, watched movies, eaten a lot of food, and they’ve built forts galore in the basement.

BUT IT’S TIME TO GO BACK. The brotherly love wore off days ago, and they need a break from each other that isn’t me putting them in a time out.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day. I know it.

PS…if you’re looking for a fun thing to make, try these soft pretzels (then bonus: serve them for dinner). They were super easy to make and really, really good! This was the first time I’d ever made pretzels…and they were a huge hit. The only thing I’d do differently is divide the dough into 12 pieces instead of 8. 1/8 of that dough is a TON. We did end up cutting most of it up into small sticks.


One response to “Some Snow Day Thoughts.

  1. I haven’t heard the verdict for Unit 40 yet (for tomorrow), but I sure hope your kids are going back! All the young moms on FB are at the end of their proverbial ropes! I’m running to IGA in a little bit–haven’t been out since Sat aft. This blizzard of ’14 will be a reference point for sure!

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