Just a Little Encouragement…

…for those many friends of mine who have joined My Fitness Pal this month!

I just have to tell you how excited I am for all of you, and how proud I am of all of you!

12 of you added me right around January 1st (some were already on MFP prior to that time), and between the 12 of you, you’ve already lost over 40 lbs! Isn’t that amazing? Way to go!

One thing I forgot to mention in that first post was that you should take some measurements. I’m so mad that I didn’t do this at the very beginning of my diet…I think I did it about 6 weeks in. Watching those measurements move down was as exciting as watching the pounds go away for me! And being able to buy smaller clothes is also really motivating. I won’t lie; that’s one of my favorite things.

Also: I hope you’re truly making water your best friend. If you need a little kickstart, go buy a new water bottle…Target has these on clearance right now for 5 bucks. I like this one because it has the ounces printed on the side.

For some motivation: like my sister’s Facebook page!

Lots of people have asked what I snack on, so I’d love to compile a list of favorite snacks. Then we’ll all have a go-to. Comment here on the blog and I’ll add them!

*Almonds – I love Blue Diamond Lightly Salted Almonds. 85 calories for 14 almonds. At the beginning of my diet, I remember thinking this didn’t nearly fill me up. But give it a little time…they’re full of protein and good fat, and if you stop eating at a whatever you’ve designated as a serving (half or a whole serving or whatever you have room for in your calorie count), it will take the edge off your hunger.
*Popcorn. My favorites are Skinnypop (huge bag at Sam’s Club is $5), Popcorn, Indiana’s Fit Olive Oil (I tried the real butter flavor, and didn’t like it. The Olive Oil one I bought it at Walmart), or Boom Chicka Pop’s Sea Salt. All of them have 35-39 calories/cup, and all are all-natural. When you want to eat a lot of something, these kinds of popcorn are a good choice. Look, too, for Kernel Season’s flavorings!
*Light cottage cheese – 1/2 cup
*Apple slices and a Tbl of peanut butter
*Broccoli, celery or carrots and a Tbl of dip (many dips are around 35 cal/Tbl) or hummus
*Greek yogurt. My favorite is vanilla Dannon Oikos because it’s not as tart as many. A whole container is 120 calories (I often eat a half a container with some granola).
*String cheese
*Clementines (around 40 calories)
*Veggie Straws and hummus
*Steamed or roasted vegetables
*Triscuit crackers
*Pecans with dried cherries
*Sunflower seeds
*Reduced-sugar craisins
*Hard-boiled eggs
*Cinnamon roasted almonds
*Breakfast-on-the-go Mix
*Protein bars (check carefully for calories and sugar, though!)
*unsweetened applesauce
*Babybel Mini Light (50 cal)
*Pomegranate seeds (50 cal for half of a fruit)
*Sugar snap pea pods (1 cup = approx 40 calories)
*Dark Chocolate Pretzel Crisps (130 calories for 5; great as a dessert!)
*Pepita seeds
*No-Bake Energy Bites

Ok! Let’s talk snacks in the comments. And keep up the great work all of you! You’re going to be so glad you’re doing this hard work.

15 responses to “Just a Little Encouragement…

  1. PopChips! I have this nasty habit of pulling into QT on my way to work and used to go for a much higher-calorie “breakfast” for my drive. QT now has single serve bags (the same size of a regular Lay’s potato chip or Doritos bag) – full of flavor (my favorite, however, is the plain – original)…just 100 calories and all the salty, crispy, goodness a person could want.

  2. I, too, wish I had taken measurements. But at the beginning I couldn’t bear to see those numbers or *any* numbers. Now I’ve lost 3 sizes and I wish I could go back and get those numbers.

    Snacks: veggie straws, Triscuit, steamed broccoli or cauliflower, unsweetened applesauce, roasted vegetables (carrots, brussels sprouts, parsnips), raspberries, blackberries, Greek yogurt. (I’m going to get some unsweetened Greek yogurt this weekend; I want to try it for the higher protein amounts.)

    • Oh, I forgot about Veggie Straws! I haven’t eaten those in a while. Thanks! The unsweetened Greek yogurts are too tart for me. Let me know what you think!

  3. Um, I so needed this encouragement today! Thanks! Hmmm…snacks for me lately have been fruit. My ’14 commitment has been to insert more fruits and veggies in my diet. My other snack has been pecans and dried cherries. I can’t have too much so I def. measure it out. But it gives me the sweet and the crunchy while also being a good nutrition boost.

    Love the popcorn suggestion! I didn’t realize that was such a low cal option! Buying that ASAP!

  4. carrots or celery with hummus! they make so many good flavors now 🙂 also, sunflower seeds, reduced sugar craisins, clementines, lucy’s dry cheerios, and i love when i have hard boiled eggs around to dip in anything i’m in the mood for!

    • Heidi – if you have Aldi near you, they make my FAVORITE hummus! It’s 4 kinds in one package for $4 – actually I like 3 of the 4 of them, but for that price, I don’t care that we barely eat the roasted garlic part (it’s super strong).

  5. I have a terrible sweet tooth… my go-to’s for my sweet tooth are cinnamon roasted almonds, breakfast on the go oatmeal apple cluster mix, Nature Valley protein bars, a tbsp of peanut butter, or an unsweetened applesauce (not all these at once, though;) !

  6. I also enjoy carrot sticks and 2 Tbsp of hummus, Babybel mini light cheese (50 calories each), pomegranate seeds (the seeds of half a pomegranate are 50 calories and give you a sweet yet tart burst of flavor with crunch, sugar snap pea pods (a cup is around 40 calories), and any kind of fruit when I am craving something sweet (I have been on a kiwi kick lately). Sometimes I will have an individual serving pack of edamame.

    I agree, seeing the pounds and the inches melt off and clothes fitting differently is so encouraging. It makes it much easier to keep it up!

  7. Love veggies and hummus as a snack. Costco has a box of 24 single servings (shelf stable and 63 cal) that are great for on-the-go.
    My splurge snack for those salty/sweet craving days are dark chocolate pretzel crisps. 5 in a serving doesn’t seem like a lot, but the salt and rich chocolate is just enough and worth the 130 cal if you have them available.
    And Kernel Season’s popcorn seasons are great on top of SkinnyPop! They have both sweet and savory flavors @ 2-5 calories.

  8. Love all the great ideas!!!
    A favorite at my house are these: http://smashedpeasandcarrots.com/no-bake-energy-bites-recipe/
    We all like them – of course, we use sunbutter instead of the peanut butter.
    I love sunflower and pepita seeds. Clementines and apples are my go to fruits. I have been making homemade yogurt – it is so, so creamy. I add berries and about a tablespoon of granola.

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