Toothless Twins

The dental drama chez Diehl continues…

Luke has not lost a tooth in several years. He lost his front eight, and we’ve been waiting for his canines and molars to loosen up. Particularly because as soon as they are out, his orthodontia can begin. A couple of weeks ago, his lower left canine started to loosen. By midweek this week, it was really painful when something bumped into it.

Today, I finally convinced him to go ahead and pull it. He did, relieved to have it out for two reasons: one, it had been so long since he lost a tooth that he had forgotten how it felt, and two, now he could eat again without pain.

Jack Henry has had a really loose front bottom tooth for the last couple of weeks that he has let get to the point of dangling. So gross. I have been joking for the last several days that maybe both boys would lose a tooth on the same day. So when Luke pulled his today, Jack Henry wanted me to pull his.

On the first try, I got it out. He rinsed his mouth in the sink, and we went to sit down because he was feeling a little lightheaded. We sat with an ice cube wrapped in a paper towel on the bleeding spot for a couple of minutes. In an effort to get him out of the mindset that this wasn’t very fun, I suggested he go watch his brother play Minecraft.

Jack Henry agreed and pulled up a chair to the computer. I went into the kitchen to do something, and a minute later, I heard him walk into the bathroom. I don’t know why, but I followed him in there, just in time to catch him before he hit the floor.

Totally fainted. Just like his brother. It’s less scary for me than it used to be, but it’s really weird to see your kid with his eyes rolled back in his head and not responding correctly.

He fully came around after a couple of minutes and drank some juice and laid on the couch to recover.

I seriously CANNOT believe that we have a second kid who does this. I totally blame Matt.

Here are the toothless twins, and let me just say that Bennett is thrilled to not be in this club tonight.



3 responses to “Toothless Twins

  1. ok, why am i laughing?!?! dude, that would be so scary, in all honesty! ok, i’m also alarmed that you know exactly how many teeth luke has lost. just when i think i can stop tracking stuff with the one year baby book, i hear people quoting how many teeth their kids have lost. as if i don’t feel enough guilt that i have no idea when lucy’s teeth came in… i have to track when she loses them?! gah! 😉

    • Oh no…I’m not actually keeping track! Those front 8 all fall out within about a year of each other, and then there’s usually a break until the back 12 fall out…for Luke, it’s probably been 3 years. And because we’re waiting to start orthodontia, I’m well aware of what needs to happen before we do!

      Bennett has lost his front 8, so we have a while until his next go. And since JH has only lost 2, I know over the next year or so he’ll lose the other front 6!

      No tracking required 🙂

  2. I just can’t get over that this happened!! I’m especially surprised it happened w/ JH this time since the tooth was just barely hanging on (it would seem more likely if the “pulling” had been a little more difficult). Plus, he had that short time to sit by the computer! How amazing that you made it into the bathroom to catch him!! Aren’t you thrilled to look forward to more of this?? 😦

    Heidi, I don’t think I kept good track of you kids’ teeth falling out after the first few–and I’m not sure I actually even wrote it down in baby books. Don’t worry–no one will ever hold you accountable–ha!

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