There is a Right and Wrong Way to Fold Towels.

AKA some things in your marriage are worth fighting for.

A long time ago in a land far away (er, 20 miles away in Maryland Heights), when I was just a child bride (seriously, the older I get, the more I realize just how young we were when we married) setting up a home with my new husband, we used to do the laundry together.

Awww. That’s cute, isn’t it?

Well, we did. We had to cart the baskets a couple of buildings over from ours to use the quarter machines that were always filled with someone else’s left-behind laundry (gag). We’d wash and dry and return to our cozy first-floor apartment to fold.

That’s where the trouble began.

Matt informed me that I was folding the towels wrong.

Ahem. What?

He showed me how he thought the towels should be folded. It became a lighthearted joke between the two of us, and just to be accommodating, I started folding towels his way. Start with the towel flat:

towel 1

Then you do these folds:

Towel 2

The way I always folded towels was like this:

towel 3

My way is one less step, and when you unfold it, it’s ready to put on the towel rack without having to refold it. However, his way folds up the towel more compactly, and it fits better on a bathroom shelf.

I just want to stop for a second and comment on how hilarious this is to me now, that he had an opinion about this. Read about his bachelor pad here for a bit of insight.

Anyway, over the years, Matt has helped less with the laundry. He still folds a load here and there, which I very much appreciate, but since I quit working, washing/drying/folding/sorting moved entirely into my jurisdiction, which seems fair. However, I was still folding towels “his” way.

Yesterday, as my hands were full of clean towels and I was trying one-handed to hang clean ones on the towel racks, they ended up like this:

towel 4

And it occurred to me: why in the world am I still folding towels his way? He rarely folds or puts away a towel; they just magically appear clean on his towel rack!

So now, nearly 15 years into our marriage, I’m taking it back. I can now one-handed put a towel on the rack like this, thanks to my revelation:


This is all kind of sad, but it’s real, and it makes me laugh a little.

4 responses to “There is a Right and Wrong Way to Fold Towels.

  1. Lol. I never considered doing it your way. I’d always folded them Matt’s way until we built this house & we had shallower shelves. So in Matt’s last step I fold it in 1/3s instead of 1/2. It’s still not natural for me, 10 yrs later.

  2. I say blame it on my sister Kay! I have ZERO recall about folding towels when I was living at home, & I honestly wonder if I just never folded laundry! That’s so totally embarrassing . . . but I’m thinking Mom just always did it during the day. I have no recollection of laundry baskets or piles of clean clothes sitting waiting to be folded! Other chores, yes, but I sure don’t remember laundry-folding. I’ll have to ask my sisters!

    So, anyway, it was Kay who gave me tutorials on how to fold towels “Matt’s way” & how to “nest” fitted sheets together to fold them. I guess that method was for neatness on shelves; I know I never questioned it, & I still fold that way to this day! MANY times I’ve thought I should change to your method for the very reason you give–ease of putting them on the bar–but I just never made enough of a conscious effort to change what was a hard-core habit!

    • I nest fitted sheets the same way you do! Totally works on the times when I don’t just ball them up in frustration.

      I cannot imagine a home without laundry piles, but it sounds glorious.

  3. Come to find out, there are 5 steps to my towel fold..of course I actually had to try it to see. For the record my hubby and I fold differently too. Lol! #reallife

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