Back on the Wagon

I’ve been sick for the past 8 days. Not stuck-in-bed sick, but feeling way worse than I have in years. It started with a sore throat unlike anything I can remember, and a bad cough got added on by the third day (plus, eventually, some cold symptoms and an eye infection. Hot.). I ended up at Urgent Care on Saturday for a steroid shot (seriously MIRACULOUS in taking care of my throat) and an antibiotic for whatever was causing days of sickness and a low-grade fever. It’s been a very slow recovery, mostly due to lack of sleep (I’m talking 4 hours-ish a night for several days, as I was coughing my head off all night long).

However, last night, I slept minus my weather app waking me like 7 times to give me a thunderstorm warning (yeah, thanks, I was aware due to the thunder and lightning). I woke up feeling more human than I have in days. I still need to sleep – A LOT – to catch up, but I’m getting there.

Through this whole week, the thing that has been killing me is that I can’t work out. Which is hilarious to me when I think about where I was 18 months ago…literally, the thought of working out never would have even crossed my mind while I was healthy, never mind sicker than a dog. Now, I’m not crazy, and I know it was just a week, but it has so become a part of my day and feeling good that I MISSED it. And I just have this fear of breaking a good habit and finding it hard to get back into the routine.

Plus, of course, I gained a couple of pounds while not working out and just eating what sounded good.

So today, I’m back at it, albeit slowly and with a not-intense workout (postscript: Um, that was hard. Even just a short workout). To get to the goal weight I’ve wanted to reach for a long time but never pushed hard enough to get there plus the LBs I recently added, I’ve got 10 pounds to lose. And I’m making it public so that you all can hold me accountable. My Fitness Pal friends? Ask me how it’s going if you aren’t seeing that weight loss counter move downward, ok?

Here we go…

2 responses to “Back on the Wagon

  1. So glad you’re starting to re-enter Humanhood!! That was just the pits! I remember reading an article a few years back about what happens to your body when you take a sabbatical from exercising. It was kind of depressing how quickly it makes a difference 😦 but it was also VERY encouraging that it takes VERY little time for a person to re-reach the level that they were at before (nothing whatsoever like starting all over)! So you’ll get “it” back & start losing in no time! Just glad you’re starting to feel better! 🙂

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