Telling Time.

Sunday night, after the last of the boys’ baseball games was officially rained out, we hopped in the van to go get frozen custard.

Jack Henry grabbed this book on his way out the door:


It’s a handmade quiet book that my mom’s beloved sister, my Aunt Dee, made for me when I was really little. It has all sorts of fun little activities, and my boys have all enjoyed it, too, as preschoolers. I thought they’d outgrown it for the most part until the other night, when Jack Henry pointed out the clock page.

JH asked if we’d teach him to tell time, so on the 15-minute drive, we taught him the hour and minute hand, and how to count by 5’s around the clock. Then he wanted me to give him times to put on the clock with its moveable hands, so I did.



Matt decided to complicate it a bit and taught him quarter after and to and half past the hour…I thought that was too hard for him, but he got it!

It just made me so happy to know that this book is still being used and teaching another generation!

Thank you, Aunt Dee!


4 responses to “Telling Time.

  1. That is great! My family has things like that the generations have shared. Be sure to save it for your grandchildren. They will be here before you know it

  2. Oh good heavens! That really made me tear up! A friend in R.I. forwarded this to me before I had a chance to log on to your blog. I still have the one I made for David and I will be sure it is passed on to Elijah. This all came on right after I was alerted to the picture of Grandpa and Jill in the EDN. What wonderful memories!!! Thank you,Nicole for your sweet comments.
    Love you all!


    Such a special story!

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  4. How neat that he just happened to grab that book on his way out to the van! I’m sure Aunt Dee never imagined the mileage this special gift would get, & it would surely make your mom smile to see each of your boys using it too!

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