The One Where I’ve Got to Give Them Props

We got home last night from a week-long vacation in Colorado (lots more to come on that!). It came on the heels of a long weekend in Wisconsin, as we had about 36 hours at home to regroup and get on the plane to Colorado.

Therefore, this morning has consisted of unpacking, laundry, and getting ready to grocery shop. The boys caught up on American Ninja Warrior until I was ready for their help.

Then it was time for a few errands. While at Sam’s Club, in line to buy the boys (ahem, cough, lunch) pretzels and cheese, Bennett came up to me and said this:

“Mom, you know the wall by the couch in the basement? There are some cracks in it. From us playing American Ninja Warrior and jumping off the wall.”

Me: “when did this happen?”

B: “Um, a while ago. Before vacation.”

I walked over to the table where the boys were sitting and asked why no one told me when it happened.

Luke: “Well, it wasn’t really a good time. You were busy getting us ready to go.”

Me: “And now, at Sam’s Club, seemed like a good time?”

L&B in unison: “Yes.”

So. I’m anxious to get home and see exactly what happened…


Update: so the damage is actually really minimal. Thankfully. Which means that the parenting I’ve been doing the last 2 hours is based on honesty and not being deceitful, etc. I did not really have the energy for this today, but obviously, it had to be addressed fully now.

Dear Parenting: you are a delight.

2 responses to “The One Where I’ve Got to Give Them Props

  1. Oh, you’ve got smart boys: I think out in public, in a relatively contained space w/ plenty of people around, in the best place to admit transgressions!! 😉

  2. Glad the damage wasn’t much–& glad the boys’ conscience made them tell on themselves, even if delayed! (Oh, I’d love to have seen them “jumping off the wall”!) 😉

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