Vacation 2014: The Estes Park Part (The Beautiful Weather Days)

Picking up where I left off

When we woke up Thursday morning, we knew the forecast had a much better day in store for us, despite some initial cloud cover and gray skies. We grabbed a quick breakfast at a little cafe on our way into RMNP, and we stopped for the obligatory entry pic at the park, since it wasn’t raining for once.

One of our very favorite parts of the park from our trip 3 years ago was the Alluvial Fan. Unfortunately, in the flood last fall, much of the Alluvial Fan was washed out, and we were disappointed to find that it was completely closed to foot traffic while they’re doing some sort of rebuilding. However, we did one good hike (a bit narrower and rockier than some) near the Alluvial Fan that took us up high enough to see the rushing water that eventually spills out below.

We spent some time driving around different parts of the park as the clouds completed burned off for the day, and decided on hiking to Alberta Falls. We were in a bit of time crunch, especially given that the trail is a) very busy; b) a little more difficult on the way back up than others we’d done; and c) we were meeting up with friends in less than an hour. No matter. We did it anyway.

SO glad we did. The last time we were there, and we didn’t realize this at the time, we didn’t hike all the way up to the best view. This time, Matt was intent on making that happen, including a small, dangerous, off-path diversion before we realized the regular path would take us up to a breathtaking view! We loved it…the air was misty with the spray coming off the falls.

We hiked back quickly to meet our friends, the McGills, for a walk around Bear Lake. How cool is it that their trip overlapped with our time there? Our kids had fun climbing rocks, until Elle slipped on the absolute last step of her climb down and gashed her leg! So that was a bummer. But still, definitely a highlight to have them join us there!

One more 2 mile-ish hike that day on what became known as “Horse Poop Pass” because our trail had been used FREQUENTLY by horses. Gross, but for boys, pretty much the highlight of the trip, what with all of the poop talk.

We finished the prettiest day in EP with mini-golf, where Jack Henry got TWO holes-in-one! Dinner at a very forgettable pizza place, and then a stroll down Elkhorn for t-shirts and ice cream cones.


Part 2 of our Colorado trip began Friday, as we took Trail Ridge Road all the way across RMNP as we headed to Steamboat Springs to meet up with my whole family!

While it was a tiny bit hazy as we got started early, by mid-morning it was crystal clear and the absolute perfect day for seeing all that this incredible road has to offer. We took our time moseying along, looking for wildlife, stopping to skip rocks in the river, and checking out the Continental Divide.

Up next: 7 adults + 8 kids in one condo for 3 nights 🙂

One response to “Vacation 2014: The Estes Park Part (The Beautiful Weather Days)

  1. What great memories for the family!

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