Boys and Fashion.

So, it’s cold. And I’m already over the battle of making the older two boys wear appropriate clothes. By appropriate I mean pants (yes, the middle schooler came downstairs this morning in shorts and a long-sleeve tee, and it was about 25 degrees) and jackets and hats. I’ve moved on to “natural consequences” for them…you want to freeze your butt off, go right ahead. Your teacher won’t let you go out for recess because you aren’t dressed appropriately, 4th grader? Whatever. I’m over it.

But Jack Henry is young enough that I insist on correct clothes, and he’s actually smart enough to know that it’s freezing out and he wants to be on the playground. However, he’s a boy. And a sports-loving boy at that. So this morning’s little conversation shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did, and it made me laugh. Keep in mind that he’d pick a Cardinals/Illini/whatever tee and athletic pants everyday if left to his own devices.

He always gets himself ready in the morning, but today I pulled out a pair of jeans (because he said he was cold yesterday in athletic pants) and a thermal, striped long-sleeved tee for him. He examined the shirt, made a face, and said, “Are you sure this isn’t a sweater for church? It looks and feels like it.” I can only assume that the lack of Nike swoosh or mascot made it look nice enough for church (I have to admit, my standards for church clothes has tanked the last few years, so he’s not far off), coupled with it having more texture than a tee.

The shirt went back in the drawer. It was too big, but I have a feeling that even when it fits, it’s not going to be chosen on a regular basis.

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