New Hair Day

Today was new hair color/trim day, which is a day of happiness, obviously. It’s just slightly darker for winter, nothing drastic.

In case you don’t live in a house full of boys, and wonder what it’s like to come home with different hair, here are their reactions:

Luke (hours after being around me, I asked, “Did you notice that I got my hair done today?”): Nope.

Bennett (asked if he noticed): Yeah. (No further comment.)

Jack Henry (asked if he noticed): Yeah. Did you get your bangs cut, too? Because they’ve been in your eyes for a long time and I don’t like it.

7 responses to “New Hair Day

  1. Yep…that’s my reality. Although, it’s better than the alternative….several years ago, Will told me that he like my new yellow hair.

  2. Sounds about right with boys/man in my house except for Blake. He will tell me that it’s parted on the wrong side or that the lady did it wrong. Morgan will look at me & say, “Oh, Mom. What’d you do?” :/

  3. Shauna Shepston

    Awwe. It looks amazing πŸ™‚ even though I haven’t seen that I can tell you that

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