Vacation 2014: The Steamboat Springs Part

So this one time, my family went on a great Colorado vacation and I blogged about the first 2 parts of the trip (here and here), and then, apparently, got distracted by something shiny, and now it’s 4 months later and I haven’t finished the last post for whatever reason. However, for the sake of posterity, despite my memory not being that great, I want to finish this series.

Ok, the REAL reason we planned a Colorado vacation was for this last portion of it! We were invited by my Aunt Karen and Uncle Bob (my mom’s brother) to the amazing celebration they were having for their 50th wedding anniversary. All of my siblings and their families and my dad and Annmarie decided to go, too, so it was a big, fun family time out in Steamboat! Additionally, many of my other aunts, uncles, and cousins were there, which made it even better.

We all made it into Steamboat in the late afternoon on Friday. The 4 siblings and their families were all staying in a big condo I’d found, and Dad and Annmarie were just a short drive away at a hotel. Grocery shopping for 15 for our house was an adventure 🙂 We enjoyed grilling out on Friday night, celebrating my sister-in-law Dana’s birthday, and just settling everyone into our place.

Saturday we spent the morning seeing a bit of the town and going for a short hike at Fish Creek Falls with apparently everyone else in Steamboat Springs. However, our big event was that evening, and with 15 of us to get ready (thankfully the condo had 3 showers), we wanted to give ourselves plenty of time to get everyone ready for the party before the bus came to pick us up at 4:45. I’m happy to report that we planned well, and we were waiting out front when the bus arrived…this is a huge accomplishment for our crew!

The party was western-themed, and I just can’t even tell you how every tiny detail was perfectly planned. It was a beautiful celebration of a wonderful couple we love very much, and being there with my whole family just made it extra amazing. Check out the pictures below to get a feel for what a good time we had.

Sunday morning brought a trip to the local alpine slide, which was a huge hit, and then the hot springs up in the mountains outside of town…I have to tell you, my SIL Michon and I were particularly interested in getting in the hot springs. I mean, it’s such a weird phenomenon, right? Boiling hot water that comes up through the ground? And it’s supposed to be good for your skin? Yes!

Let me sum it up with this: our consensus was that it was mostly strange and slimy and gross, it smelled bad, and we couldn’t wait to shower. (In googling since our trip, I’ve seen pictures of hot springs that are much cleaner looking than what we visited…) However, I’m SO glad we tried it!

In the early evening, we all headed over to my aunt and uncle’s beautiful home near Steamboat, where they were hosting a cocktail party for everyone who was heading out of town the next day. It was such a nice afternoon, and we followed it up with a cookout at the rental house where another part of my extended family was staying.

Everyone packed up Monday morning to head back to Denver for various flights out of town. We had quite a bit of time to spare, so we ate lunch downtown and then walked around for a while. It was, um, interesting. We had lots of beneficial discussions with the boys about drug use and mental illness after several encounters and conversations with some colorful residents.

As always when leaving Colorado, the boys asked when we’d be back. I hope it’s not long.

One response to “Vacation 2014: The Steamboat Springs Part

  1. Thanks for resurrecting these fun memories from our Colorado vacation! SO much fun!

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