On Running.

I am about to say words that I literally never, ever in a million years thought would come out of my mouth.

I like running.

Crazy, right? I know. There are probably ten blog posts in existence where I tell you how much I hate it (I don’t currently have the energy or desire to track that down, but trust me…it’s there). But I really don’t hate it anymore.

Two springs ago, after I was a few months into healthier living/eating, I started walking and eventually added a little jogging just to get my heart rate up. Well, as we all know, jogging burns more calories than walking, so I started doing a little more of it, JUST for the calorie burn.

For the next year and some change, that was my approach to running: I didn’t like it, but it torched calories, and I was a fan of that. So I did it.

Last June, my foot started hurting, and eventually, I had to stop running altogether, and then stop all high-impact exercise, and then, have surgery when it was evident this wasn’t going to clear up on its own. Throughout that time, I kept thinking about how much I wanted to be able to jog again.

It took several months of taking it easy to let my foot heal most of the way, but I’ve been out running on the few warm days we’ve had, and I.LOVE.IT. All the months of heavier weight training at home (in place of as much cardio/circuit training as I used to do) have totally made a difference in my endurance, and I can already run 3/4 of my usual 3.6 mile route. The times I’ve been out, I’ve run faster than I ever have as an adult.

(I still have some foot pain, generally for a day or two post-run. I’m not sure what to think of this…I think I could still see some improvement in the months to come, but I may just have to deal with a small amount of heel pain. Whatever. I can deal.)

I had to share…because this something I never, ever thought could happen. Additionally, I’ve started drinking coffee (with a ton of milk) or lattes, which previously grossed me out.

So apparently, you can teach an old dog new tricks 🙂

2 responses to “On Running.

  1. Good for you!…. I guess?!
    I’d say you almost give me hope for changing my tune someday. But I don’t really want hope. 😉

  2. Being in your mid-30s, you’re NOT an “old dog”–ha! But I get what you’re saying!

    I admire so much that you’ve gotten into the exercising & healthy eating lifestyle. It’s hard enough to do when you’re specifically doing it to lose weight or prepare your body for some kind of surgery or whatever–& when you’re seeing those unusual & welcome changes in your body; but to continue & maintain those healthy choices over the long haul, when it’s no longer “new,”–now THAT is just amazing to me!!

    You may not have done this in your 20s & early 30s, but it’s so good that you started it this “young”! You’ve still got metabolism on your side, & the more a part of normal life you make exercise now, the more your flagging metabolism will respond in your coming decades!!

    And you don’t have to be fanatical about it. Good eating & exercising most of the time allows you to treat yourself & be lazy sometimes, which is also a good thing! I know how to preach it; I just don’t know how to DO it!

    A REAL old dog!!!

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