You guys. As of {1:50, but who’s counting} this morning, I have two kids in double digits. Yep. Bennett is 10!

aww…dimples instead of knuckles…my favorite toddler feature!

I went back to last year’s birthday post to see what I’d written, and this stood out, because it’s just so true.

Birthdays now bring about a sense of urgency in me…there’s still so much I want him to know, and the years to learn those things are just flying by. And when I get reflective about Bennett and who he is and what it’s like to parent him, I get kinda weepy…I don’t know, I just love him so much, and parenting him has been challenging beyond what I envisioned and made me grow and stretch and I’m thankful for that…

Truly, I am frequently at a loss when it comes to understanding this kid. Part of me knows that when we butt heads it’s because we are so alike…he is me in so many ways, and not all of them are my favorite. The other part of me just flat out doesn’t get him and his intensity. Or maybe I’m jealous of it?

Bennett knows what he wants, and he is willing to do the work to get there. Whether it’s with his schoolwork (he’s had an incredible year, after my fears over the summer) or doing push-ups every day or baseball, he commits himself to getting the job done. With baseball I already feel like I have to walk this fine line between being supportive of his dream and making sure he understands the reality of how hard it is to become a MLB player.

He announced this evening that he plans to go to college for two years, then “have a career in baseball, ” and then return to college to finish after his playing days are over. Jack Henry did not mince words, letting him know that his plan was not the smartest and that he should just finish school first. 🙂

i mean i know i’m his mom and all, but he was a really, really cute baby 🙂

All I know is this: as his mom, I get a front-row seat in watching who he becomes (and yes, clearly, lots of guidance), and while I absolutely do not want the years to move any quicker, I kinda can’t wait to see what he does with his life.

Love you, B.

2 responses to “Ten.

  1. Shauna Shepston

    Awwe I love this one. So sweet

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