Donating the Dress

5 years ago, I unsealed my wedding gown box so that I could try on my dress. I was thrilled it zipped, even if it didn’t quite fit like it had on my wedding day.

I mentioned in that post that I was thinking of getting rid of the dress, because I am just not terribly sentimental about things. Everyone in the comments (and there are a TON of them!) freaked out and insisted I keep the dress. Go read it…lots of great ideas about what I could do with it.

So I kept it.

And then we moved across town, and 5 more years went by, and during that time I lost 30+ pounds (I’m still so happy about this!). I got the gown out again in January to try it on while going through some things in the basement. Obviously, it’s way too big now.

And 5 years later, I’ve found that I am still not sentimental about keeping it. So really. Why is it still here?

The decision has officially been made: I am donating the dress…like it’s literally boxed up and going to the post office today. And I’m donating it while I still can: there is only one wedding gown charity that will take it because, you know, it’s ancient in terms of wedding fashion. (For the record: I still think it’s really pretty.)

I’m sending it to Adorned in Grace in Portland, where the proceeds will go towards eliminating sex trafficking in their city. I love that my dress will make another bride happy AND do good.

Here’s a list of several wedding gown charities, in case you might be ready to let your dress go do some good for someone else, too. If your dress is 5 years old or less, there are lots of different options for you to choose from!

I put it on one last time last week and had Matt take a picture…

um, once upon a time i, uh, filled out this dress a little better :/  it’s sad that we can’t choose WHICH part of our bodies to lose weight from.

8 responses to “Donating the Dress

  1. What an amazing thing to do, and such a wonderful cause!! I puffy heart love you for doing this. ❤

  2. My gown is still boxed up, & I have one regret: that I didn’t get it out to get a picture of Heidi & Andrea in it when they were each engaged! I never had any thoughts that they’d actually want to wear it, but I just think it would have been neat to do the picture thing–maybe in a little double frame w/ them in their real gowns!

    LOVE that you donated yours!!! And I’m sorry about the loss of a significant part of your boobs, but the old ones wouldn’t fit your new body anyway!!!!! 😁

  3. love this idea!! i’m just over 6 years old (well my dress is) so i’ll see who might take it.

  4. This is awesome Nicole! I’ve thought about donating mine too. Just to eliminate the pressure of the dress issue.

    Love that there are places that do this. So beautiful. So needed.
    You look amazing btw!

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